Sharetings is a mobile application that makes giving easy. It is open to everyone who wants to give or receive their unneeded, usable items.

Kindly refer to Singpost Postage fees rate card for more information. We understand that users may incur packaging fees for the item. The maximum an user can charge for packaging is $0.50 per parcel. Items with ridiculous postage fees will be removed. You may self collect these items as well, subject to the giver’s availability.

No. Please refrain from listing pets to prevent any cases of animal cruelty from happening.

Yes. You may list food/consumable items. However, please ensure that the item is fit for consumption. You SHOULD NOT list food that has been opened / partially consumed. This is to protect users from getting food poisoning. Sharetings will not be liable should such an incident happen.

We are looking for volunteers who can help us moderate our community and our social media platforms.If you would like to do something meaningful, feel free to write to us: Hello@sharetings.com

You may do so by pressing the ‘report’ button on the listing or the user profile. Admin will look into your case and take the appropriate actions accordingly. You may also choose to block the user and his/her item will not be visible to you.

No, Sharetings is not making any profit at the moment. It is managed by a group of volunteers.

No selling is permitted. All items listed must be free.

We are working hard to bring in more variety of rewards. This may include products in kind, vouchers, e-coupon and many more.

It recognises the different types of achievements that you have unlocked. Upon unlocking every tier, free SharePoints will be credited into your account.

You may redeem Sharepoints via the rewards page.

You may contact us via email Hello@Sharetings.com or through our social media channels.